Insurance-Focused Advisors

Often the greatest challenge for insurance advisors is matching the right product to the particular insurance need. Planworth makes it easy to identify assets, capture values and calculate tax liabilities so you can spend less time on discovery and more time finding solutions that fit.

Dynamic Questionnaire

Dynamic easy to use questionnaires ensure only relevant questions are posed about clients based on their profile. Planworth easily handles complex corporate structures and unique assets.

See the Bigger Picture

Transform data into family trees, corporate organization charts, net worth statements, estimates of estate liabilities and other financial illustrations to create engaging and useful infographics.

Insurance Positioning

Dynamic analysis of client profiles identifies candidates for valued added solutions like life insurance or critical illness insurance.

Tax and Estate Insights

For each recommendation, Planworth includes cost, complexity and urgency scales and the relevant next steps.

Financial Plan

An intuitive and innovative goals-based and cashflow-based financial planning platform allows for meaningful and easy to understand financial planning discussions with clients.


Utilize toggles or sliders to instantly see the impact of certain assumptions or strategies on the financial plan and goals.

Automatic Updates

Based on in-depth client profiles and data analysis, Planworth continuously monitors recommendations through life stages and changes in law/policy without the advisor lifting a finger.


Advisor can track tax/estate insights implemented by each client and quantify the value of income tax saved, probate fees saved, etc. Financial goals can be re-visited regularly in order to track progress.