Planworth Now Supports State of the Art Account Aggregation

Planworth Now Supports State of the Art Account Aggregation

Planworth is excited to announce a new partnership with Flinks, a leader in financial data connectivity and account aggregation.

Always and only with a client’s consent, account aggregation gathers financial data from a broad range of financial accounts and institutions and increases transparency by helping financial advisors gain a deeper understanding and more comprehensive view of their clients’ finances and wealth, particularly for clients with assets and liabilities spread between different institutions and firms. Once fully integrated, Flinks will allow advisors on Planworth to have their clients link all their financial accounts (inside or outside the advisor’s firm) by securely logging into their online banking and investment accounts. Thereafter, the advisor will be able to view and pull accurate and up to date data about a client’s accounts, regardless of where they may be held.

By working with Flinks, Planworth is building on our platform by using aggregated financial data to help advisors guide the planning process and support clients through all stages of their wealth journey. With a consolidated view of a client’s current financial picture and access to data point typically not at their disposal, advisors can save time on discovery, deliver more tailored and insightful recommendations to clients and more readily identify planning opportunities and solutions for clients.

Planworth’s integration with Flinks advances our mission to modernise the wealth planning process by empowering advisors to deliver more value for clients and grow their business.

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